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    Previous Nominees & Winners

    The Ocean Cleanup



Our global environment and economic security are inextricably intertwined. But increasing levels of greenhouse gases, environmental degradation, and natural resource depletion are precluding long-term social and economic security.

Global collaboration and coordinated, distributed action are vital to restore and replenish the world’s environmental and economic ecosystems. The old, siloed ways aren’t working. We need new ways to cooperate and innovate across the public and private sectors to meet the environmental and economic exigencies we face. Unity is needed. Coherence of initiatives is needed. Coalescence of invention, innovation, knowledge and investment is needed.

Katerva is designed to meet this imperative by uniting the people and the technology paramount to catalyzing and supporting sustainable innovation that is exponentially scalable.

The challenges mankind faces are colossal. But so are the courage, ingenuity, wisdom and heart of innovators, entrepreneurs and others the world over. Never before have we had such extraordinary tools for collaborative innovation. Never before have we had the technology to cull the world’s brightest minds and create an actionable platform of support for the common good. 


Katerva Awards - Category Winners

2016 - Behavioral Change
2016 - Economy
2016 - Energy & Power
2016 - Environment
2016 - Gender Equality
2016 - Human Development
2016 - Materials, Resources & Water
2016 - Smart Cities
2016 - Transportation
2015 - Behavioral Change
2015 - Energy & Power
2015 - Gender Equality
2015 - Human Development
2015 - Materials, Resources & Water
2015 - Smart Cities
2015 - Transportation

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